"I was sick for a long time and visited many different doctors, none of which could give me any accurate answers to my pain. My mom took me to Marquelle who was suggested by a good friend and in less than 45 minutes she was able to suggest that I was either reacting to wheat or dairy. I was put on each diet and was feeling much better after eating the gluten-free diet. My pain has mostly disappeared and I've gained back most of the 14 pounds I lost. After spending much time and money in the hospital, I felt so relieved when Marquelle was able to figure out what was wrong." SpecialThanks,

Meagan M. Broken Arrow, OK

One year ago this month, I walked out of Marquelle Brown 's office and started to address my Crohn's disease with "alternative medicine". I ended my low fiber diet of bread, potatoes, cheese, ice cream, etc....and went dairy, gluten, most sugar, soy, pork and additive free (I think that's all). Along the way I discovered that corn and beans were hard on me and eliminated them too. I boosted my health with some things like probiotics, bone broth, Omega-3 oils, Vitamin D...

And the results?

The tough side: Made 4 different meals 3 times a day...felt like I never left the kitchen...Never finding enough to eat for a while...wanting to give up...quitting once and eating a gas station croissant sandwich then realizing I did NOT want to turn back.

With much encouragement of my hubby and my super nutritionist, Marquelle Brown I stuck with it. My whole family's pallet changed, we ate the same foods and...

The miracle side: I did not have to have surgery or get on steroids (and not be able to get pregnant as far as I understood). Those were the next recommended steps to address my increasing Crohn's symptoms and visits to the ER. My Crohn's symptoms now? Gone. My Crohn's medicine? I'm off of them. Pregnancy? Healthy at 5+ months along. Undesireable mental and emotional side effects of medication? Gone. Extra baby weight? Gone, and then some. Plus, with the inflammation in my body down and losing some weight, my knee of 5 surgeries and hip of one, feel great even with an almost 2 year old who still gets carried every now and then. And I have made some yummy discoveries!

What a miracle. I had prayed for years to be healed and I know that not every answer is yes and especially not yes right now. I am thankful I have experienced the healing I have and wanted to share a snipit of my story to share the joy and to encourage others who are also taking on a battle for their health. And to testify of the power of prayer.

M. A.

Tulsa, OK

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